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The Institute of Soil Science affords opportunities for:

* Consultancy and advisory assistance to farmers, cooperative farms, associations and other organizations with regard to agricultural production;
* Specialized advises, development and dissemination of information and instruction materials, organizing and carrying out training courses and seminars with beginners and advanced producers and specialists in the field of agriculture;
* Agrochemical analyses of soils, plants, bio production and forage, irrigation waters and fertilizers;
* Expert evaluations and advises for agro-techniques of the agricultural crops;
* Solutions for ecological, economic and information problems with regard to the agricultural production;
* Consultancy for application of soil protection measures, technologies and machines for protecting the agricultural lands from soil erosion by water and wind;
* Organizing demonstration projects and farms;
* Advises for the needs of fertilisation of agricultural crops;
* Developing, maintaining and updating database of science-technical and applied information;
* Developing positions for the agrochemical status of the productive lands of the agricultural producers needed for application for EC programmes;
* Development of projects for financial aid with regard to measure Agroecological payments soil erosion control according to the Program for rural development for the period 2007 2013.
* Joint elaboration and realization of projects and programs with national institutions and related international organizations;
* Developing proposals and positions requested by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

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