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The subject of the scientific activity of the Institute of Soil Science Nikola Poushkarov is study, protection and remediation of soil resources, maintaining and increasing the soil fertility and sustainable management of agriculture and ecosystems.

The major scientific priorities of the Institutes activity are:
* Genesis, diagnostics, classification and geography of soils.
* Soil formation processes, soil cartography and methodology for large-scale and small-scale soil survey, introducing catena as a basic method for soil mapping and terrain studies, evaluation of the agro-ecological potential of the country.
* Physical and mechanical properties of soils, soil mineralogical composition, the humus and its role in soil formation and soil fertility, sorption capacity and chemical amelioration.
* Content, forms and balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in soil. Microelements and micro-fertilization.
* Microbiological and enzyme processes in soil depending on the soil type, agro-techniques and the stress factors.
* Systems of agriculture. Soil tillage and crop rotation as factors of soil fertility.
* Monitoring of soil erosion by water and wind, technologies for soil erosion control and remediation of eroded and degraded lands.

* Studies of soils of limited soil fertility (pedogenetics, degradation processes, heavy metals, organic contaminants, radionuclides, pesticides, herbicides, etc.).
* Imitation modeling of agro-ecosystem productivity and methods for good agricultural practices.
* Technologies for utilization of industrial and agricultural waste in agriculture.

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